EPG is an extremely dealer-oriented insurance company, according to Mike Tew, Finance and Insurance Manager for Empire Trucks. As a licensed agent and someone who has worked in the business for more than 18 years, Tew knows quite a bit about the world of insurance. "The other insurers I work with are agency-oriented," he says. "They aren't used to working directly with dealers - they prefer to work with the insurance agent middleman. EPG is different. All of their processes and services are designed to make it easier for us to do business with them."

Tew explained that although he consistently receives more support, faster answers and better claims service when he works with EPG, the company really stands out in complex situations. "Anyone can handle the basic stuff," he says. "It's the exceptions that cause many companies' service levels to fall. Not EPG. They handle every situation with ease."

Unlike traditional insurers, EPG defies the "business suit" mentality. "From the very beginning, the people at EPG spent a lot of time in the field visiting customers and understanding their businesses," Tew says. "Before they built their systems, processes and quote calculator, they took the time to find out what worked best for us. They listened to our advice and built their company based on industry best practices. The transition to EPG was very easy when our old insurer became increasingly difficult to work with."

It appears that EPG's early research paid off, because today the company has a stellar reputation for user-friendly services. "The quote calculator and insurance applications are now online. Our finance managers can easily and quickly secure a ballpark quote and monthly payment estimate with just a few clicks," Tew says. "Their systems are very efficient."

Headquartered in Jackson, Miss., Empire Trucks sells Freightliner products, parts and services from its nine Southeast locations. "Hands down, EPG is our preferred insurance provider," Tew says. "The company is reputable, financially-sound, customer-oriented and extremely well-managed. Although they've grown to become a large company, they've always maintained the personal touch that you usually only find with small companies. I highly recommend their services."